Pull Down the Fences

I scaled a fence today. It was a fence that had stood for generations. I know not if it was built to keep people in or out. I didn’t question the fence; I climbed it because it was there.

Hand over hand I climbed, fingers in the chinks, ignoring the pain and rust. It was heavy and high and the top was covered in spikes. Inside the fence I found no treasure, no secrets, no answers.

Pull down the fences, I say. Pull them down and you’ll see: in or out, the two sides are not so different.

Dedicated to all those affected by the 22 March 2017 events in Westminster.

Written for Friday Fictioneers.


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  1. Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

    March 22, 2017 — 10:23 pm

    Well said, David. My heart goes out the those affected today as well.



  2. A lovely tribute, David. So much pain and hate in the world…

  3. I’ll construe that as a tribute to those paramedics working to save that contemptible excuse for humanity.

  4. Great piece, I love the line “I didn’t question the fence; I climbed it because it was there.”

  5. Love the tone of this.

  6. Fences they are morally wrong – yet it seems at the present time we need them. But if we climb them things may different!

  7. Loved this post. We shouldn’t have fences anymore.

  8. A fitting tribute. A sad day for our country.

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  9. Indeed — fences are to separate… but both sides are often just the same… there is no greener side.

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